Watch a video from Fr. Dave Pivonka each week and discuss at your weekly meeting. YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN UP TO WEBSITE, IT'S FREE.


Any of the following Books should be read: Choose one. The goal is not that you have any or all of them read by the end of Lent.

the goal is to allow them to feed your mind and so feed your faith. A group may choose the same book for everyone or each member might read a different one and if they get to the end of it – swap it with another man for his book.

Pope Benedict XVI – Jesus of Nazareth – Vol II, Holy Week

Brant Pitre – Introduction to the Spiritual Life

Scott Hahn – Covenant and Communion

Scott Hahn – The Fourth Cup

Fulton Sheen – Three to Get Married

Trent Horn – Answering Atheism

Ralph Martin – Will Many be Saved?

Christopher Kaczor – The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church

Diane Moczar – Seven Lies about Catholic History

Jacques Philippe - Interior Freedom

Dan Burke - Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits

These books will mean incurring an expense – but a considerable amount of money will be saved because of the other disciplines you are imposing on yourself these 40 days. Often the Kindle version is cheaper. Your local Library may have the book or may be able to order it in for you.


Each Week you read a different section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Week 1

Jesus' temptations:

CCC #538 - 540 Life of Prayer and it's difficulties:

CCC #2697 - 2699 & #2725 - 2738 Christian Holiness:

CCC #2012 - 2015 & #2340 Forms of Penance:

CCC #1430 - 1439 Works of Mercy: CCC # 2447

Week 2

Read Catechism section on faith hope and charity #2083-2094

The precepts of the church #2041-2043

On Meditation # 2705-2708

Week 3

Sin week!

Sin, a hard battle #407-409

Types of sin #1849-1869

Sacrament of Penance #1440-1484

Week 4

Vice and Virtues

#1865-1869 and #1803-1832 and #2346-2359

Catechism for final 2 weeks is on the Our Father

5th week

#2759 - #2802

6th week

#2803 - #2854