Below are some ways in which you should step out in service of those around you in the weeks of Lent. Try to complete one a week:


Visit someone Sick, Elderly, Alone or in Prison


Ring 3 friends/acquaintances/colleagues you haven’t spoken to in a while.


If married or dating – have a special date night with your wife. Enjoy the evening.If you’re single – then meet up with a friend or friends and have an enjoyable meal or lunch together.


A walk-in nature with your wife/fiancée/girlfriend If you’re single – then meet with a friend or friends and go for a hike.


If they are still alive – take your parent(s) out for a meal. Don’t wait for a special occasion – do it as a way to thank them. If they are deceased – visit their grave (if nearby) and by way of thanksgiving, pray a Rosary for them.


Offer the Rosary once a week for your local priest(s).


If you have children – give each child at least 30 minutes special one-to-one time over the 7 weeks of Lent. E.g. Go for a coffee or soft drink just with them. Its best if some small act of faith happens before this time/treat e.g. visit a church, go to mass etc.We are all called to be spiritual fathers, so if you don’t have children this time can be with Godchild, niece or nephew.


Perhaps you could consider giving a little donation to a children’s charity