Daily Lectio Divina

Daily Lectio Divina on the Gospel of the day during Lent


Daily Rosary – preferably with others (Family etc)

Every Friday

Make the Way of the Cross each Friday of Lent


Sacrament of Confession by Mid Lent and just before the end of Lent as a minimum


Eucharistic Adoration – 30mins each week of Lent - can be combined with Lectio Divina of that day.
(This can be done in Church before the Tabernacle if Public Adoration is not available locally). As a minimum 4 x 30mins during the 7 weeks of Lent


Daily Mass during Lent - but, if every day is not possible, then a minimum of 2 weekday Masses.

The Heroic Minute

No Snooze Button upon waking – up, out of bed and on to your knees, giving the first minute of the day to prayer. Please explain this to your wife beforehand.

The Rosary

Daily Rosary – preferably with others (Family etc)